Introduction to CCC Exam Blog

Introduction to CCC Exam

What is CCC?

CCC (Certificate in Computer Concept ) is an exam to test proficiency of Computer knowledge for Government employees.

It is mandatory for all government employees to pass examination of CCC for all class 3 services and CCC+ for class 2 and class 1 services.

Currently in gujarat CCC exams are mainly taken by GTU(Gujarat Technological University)on its Gandhinagar(Gujarat) based Campus.

Registration Procedure

Registration for CCC exam is totally online,so candidate must register themselves onGTUs online registration portal for CCC Exam( )

This online portal registration link generally opens every 10-15 days and it accepts around 5-10 k registration for a batch. So its very necessary to visit this site to register your self for the exam.

Please note that this exam is only applicable for government employees.

CCC exam fees : 200 INR(100 for theory + 100 for practical)

Mandatory Details for registration
-Please note that when you start registration for CCC exam, system will ask for your mobile number, and when you enter mobile number and click on register button your registration password will be sent to your mobile number. So its very necessary to keep mobile number and mobile handy,as at the time of registration,there is lots of traffic on CCC website.

For any other queries for CCC exam please click on below link.

if you are still facing issue with registration or if you have any difficulty preparing for CCC exam you may contact us on [email protected]">[email protected]

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