Rto Exam test, RTO(Regional transport office) or RTA(Regional transport Authority) has a process using which any indian citizen with age more than 18 years can apply for a driving license. For a driving license , citizens must follow below steps in India. (1) Apply online for driving license on sarathi website(https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/stateSelection.do) (2) Pass the online driving test. (3) Clear the DL test(practical test) Guruji24.com is helping indian citizens to clear online driving exams by providing a free online driving test for each test. In this RTO online exam which is meant for giving learning licenses to applicants who want to get DL. We have RTO mock tests for all the states in India where users can give free online RTO tests in Hindi and RTO tests in English. Please click on the state in the below list and try to give at least 10 RTO exam tests for your state. Good luck for your RTO exams from the best platform for RTO Exams.
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