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CCC Syllabus

CCC Syllabus

To clear CCC exam, a candidate should know all the basic concepts of Computer like Booting/Softwares/MS Office/Software installation and basic trouble shooting/burning CDs/Internet etc etc. So you should be try to prepare for CCC exam using CCC material which explains these concepts.

If you use computer in your office or home and know all the basics of computer, you can pass CCC exam easily.

We would suggest you to study following concepts and then solve papers and CCC materials provided by

Operating System Concepts

-          Mainly Microsoft Windows XP/2003

-          They now take exams in windows 8, so please make sure you know how to use windows 8.

-          You should know concepts like how to create folder, how to create a file etc.

-          MS word 2003/2007

-          File and folder management

-          Internet like how to use google, how to send email

-          Concepts of wide area network/wireless LAN etc.

-          Overview and use of pdf files.

-          Also please make sure you can type in Gujarati.

-          MS Office Indic 2003(Gujarati)

-          Usage of Mouse keyboard, CPU and other computer components

-          Gujarati IME

-          How to change computer language from English to gujarati

-          How to convert ASCII fonts to Unicode from TBIL converter

-          Understanding of various storage devices

-          DVD/CD/Pen drive/Floppy

-          How to burn CD ROM

-          FTP/HTTP/WWW

-          Copy files to pen drive

-          Installation of basic softwares like ms office

-          Un installation of softwares using Control panel -> Add remove program

-          Usage of CD burning softwares like NERO

-          Installation of Device drivers

-          Installation of fonts

-          Understanding of software patches/upgrades etc

-          Understanding of Firewall/antivirus/antimalware

-          Understanding of virus

-          Disk clean up and other similar utilities

-          How to format a drive

-          Troubleshooting of virus/OS/Network

-          Understanding of computer booting process

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