Material Content for QUESTION WITH ANSWER SET-5

यहाँ पे CCC NIELIT के महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न जवाब के साथ दिए गए हे, अंत में सभी प्रश्न के बाद निचे इसके जवाब भी दिए गए हे ध्यान से पढ़े 

41 The contents of the Clipboard remain the same until  

(A)you cut other text

(B)you shut down your computer   

(C)you copy other text       

(D)All of the above

42 You will probably use Borders in Word where  

(A)you wish to add emphasis to particular paragraphs    

(B)you wish to draw lines above and below or to left and right of paragraphs

(C)you wish to surround the paragraphs with different styles  of boxes

(D)All of the above


43 The Formatting Toolbar option are applied      

(A)to paragraph selection only       

(B)to character selection only        

(C)to both character as well as paragraph selections      

(D)None of the above


44 A page break is used to do what?        

(A)Create a new page at the insertion point        

(B)Create a new page at the bottom of the document    

(C)Create a new page that cannot be deleted      

(D)Create a blank page at the top of the document


45 "In which Word menu, Letter wizard command appears"      

(A)Format     (B)Tools        (C)Insert       (D)Table


46 "In Word, split cells command appears in _____ menu."       

(A)Table        (B)Format     (C)Insert       (D)Tools


47 Status bar shows different types of keys:      

(A)Num lock key      (B)Scroll lock key  (C)Caps lock key  (D)All of these


48 In Excel the intersection of a row and column is called

(A)square      (B)cubicle      (C)cell (D)worksheet


49 "In Excel, once a range has been named, you can go to a range"    

(A)by selecting ranges using the name box

(B)by selecting ranges using the [F5] key 

(C)both a and b       

(D)None of the above


50 One of the statements is not true:       

(A)"In its default settings, a word processor does not  hyphenate the text"

(B)Hyphenating helps when you are dealing with thin columnar  text     

(C)"By hyphenating, the looks of the justified thin columns  will look greatly     improved"    

(D)Microsoft Word hyphenates text in its default settings.

Doeacc ccc True and False Questions 

51Animation effects appears in the Standard toolbar.     

(A)True         (B)False                 


52 BIOS stands for Basic Integrated Operating System   

(A)True         (B)False                 


53 LENGTH() function is used to find the length of the string.    

(A)True         (B)False                 


54 The floating text (text not associated with objects in the chart) cannot be moved in the chart area.       

(A)True         (B)False                 


55 "Just as you can preview a worksheet before printing, it is not possible to preview a chart."       

(A)True         (B)False                 


56 "To insert a header or footer in a worksheet, select Header and Footer option in the File menu." 

(A)True         (B)False                 


57 You can add items to the Start menu of windows      

(A)True         (B)False                 



58 You can swap over the functionality of the left and right mouse buttons

(A)True         (B)False                 


59 The AutoContent Wizard creates the structure and contents based on the choices you make.      

(A)True         (B)False                 


60 PowerPoint has more than twenty four slide layouts.  

(A)True      (B)False



41=    b    42=    d    43=    c    44=    b    45=    b   

 46=   a   47=    d    48=    c    49=    c    50=    d   

51=    TRUE    52=    FALSE    53=    TRUE    54=    FALSE    

55=    FALSE   56=    FALSE    57=    TRUE    58=    TRUE    

59=TRUE    60=    TRUE


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