Material Content for INTRODUCTION TO MULTIMEDIA January 2015

1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most appropriate one and enter in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

1.1 Which master controls the format and placement of the titles and text you type on slides, as well as, background items and graphics you want to appear on every slide in Power-Point?

A) slide

B) copyright

C) layout

D) design

1.2 One of the disadvantages of multimedia is:

A) cost

B) adaptability

C) usability

D) relativity

1.3 Which is the special effect is used to introduce each slide in a slide presentation in Power-Point?

A) Animation

B) Bulleting

C) Transition

D) Mapping

1.4 Notes that include the slide as well as key comments and points you may want to emphasis while you present your slide show are known as:

A. speaker handouts

B. speaker notes

C. student notes

D. cheat sheet

1.5 Which one from the following displays a list of commands and usually appears in the toolbar of word processor software at the top of the screen?

A) view

B) menu

C) kit

D) list

1.6 Slide and title masters contain ________ that reserve spaces for text and footers such as date, time and slide number.

A) reservations

B) placeholders

C) spaces

D) documents

1.7 Which one from the following is most crucial for multimedia development?

A) background

B) foreground

C) watermark

D) design

1.8 Which of the following is a paradigm of multimedia development?

A) placeholder

B) layout

C) template

D) slide show

1.9 Which toolbar item contains quick access to frequently used commands?

A) view

B) drawing

C) kit

D) menu

1.10 Which of the following is responsible for relating two web pages?

A) menulink

B) hyperlink

C) toollink

D) slidelink

2. Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one and ENTER in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

2.1 Flat-Panel displays are also known as Gas discharge displays.

2.2 Audio is basically an analog signal.

2.3 There is practically no difference between motion video and animation.

2.4 Character fonts are the output of animation.

2.5 Sound card is an attachment of motherboard.

2.6 PNG is a video file format.

2.7 JPEG is a compressed image file format.

2.8 GIF image supports background transparency.

2.9 Soundforge is used for audio-video editing.

2.10 MIDI can be used to playback the spoken dialogue.

3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/ word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

3.1 The device to interact with animated artificial objects  A. Zooming
3.2 Compressed image format  B. Panning
3.3 Additive color model.  C. Tweening
3.4 Scaling  D. Resolution
3.5 Authoring tool  E. Morphing
3.6 Translation  F. Data glove
3.7 Adding black and white color pigments produces  G. JPEG
3.8 Accuracy of sound or image is measured by  H. Scaling
3.9 Technique for building progressive images and running it in a sequence  I. RGB
3.10 Effect in which one image changes into another is  J. BMP
   K. Animation
  L. Tone
  M. Visual Basic

4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the list below. Enter your choice in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1x10)

4.1 ________ refers to any type of application or presentation that involves more than one type of media, such as text, graphics, video, animation, and sound.

4.2 The first slide in a presentation is usually reserved for ________.

4.3 The text color in a presentation should contrast with the ________ color.

4.4 Images included in many software titles are called ________.

4.5 A smaller version of an image is called a: ________.

4.6 The process of planning your multimedia presentation is known as ________.

4.7 In slide ________ view, you see the entire presentation displayed in miniature. This view is used to arrange the slides in your presentation, as well as, to add animations, transitions and timing.

4.8 Slide ________ controls text characteristics, background color and special effects, such as shadowing and bullet style.

4.9 Designed to create a particular look, a ________ contains color schemes, slide and title masters with custom formatting and fonts styles.

4.10 Adding ________ to objects on your slides not only controls the flow of information, but adds interest to your presentation.

A. background B. template C. Multimedia D. foreground E. introduction F. popup G. thumbnail H. animation I. Clipart J. development K. motion video L. Master M. sorter

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